Radiant Birthday Surprise

Radiant Birthday Surprise

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Tray (1), Kher, Caprese Light Green Bag (1), Lakme Face Mask (1), Lip Balm (1), Silver Saunf (1), Golden Almond (1), Roasted Peri Peri Makhana (1), Rose (2)

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Celebrate the joy of a new home with our ‘Delights and Radiance Tray,’ a thoughtfully curated collection designed to infuse flavor, warmth, and a touch of radiance into a housewarming celebration.

Within this elegant tray, savor the irresistible crunch of Nacho Chips, a flavorful treat that adds a burst of excitement to any gathering. Enjoy the delightful flavors of Golden Colored Flavored Saunf and Green Colored Flavored Saunf, symbolizing good fortune and vibrant beginnings.

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Chocolate Almond Bottle and the Golden Almond Bottle, two exquisite treats that add a touch of sweetness to your home. Illuminate your space with the Ganesh Laxmi Lamp Candle, a symbol of blessings and prosperity, and the Candle Stand with a Tea Light Candle, casting a warm and enchanting glow.

Adorn your new space with the Golden Flower Beads, a touch of elegance that brightens any corner.

‘Delights and Radiance Tray’ is a heartfelt housewarming gift, conveying warm wishes for your new chapter and the delightful moments you’ll create in your new home. It’s a tribute to your unique journey and a celebration of the joy of settling in.

This gift tray captures the essence of flavor, radiance, and blessings, making your housewarming celebration truly special and memorable.


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