Home Sweet Delights and Serenity Tray

Home Sweet Delights and Serenity Tray

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Tray (1), Kher, Achari Masti Makhana (1), Ragi Chips (1), Chocolate Brown Balls (1), Chocolate White Balls (1), Artificial Plant (1), Rage Coffee (1), 6 No. Rose Candle

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Welcome to a new abode with our ‘Home Sweet Delights and Serenity Tray,’ a meticulously curated collection designed to infuse flavor, warmth, and tranquility into your housewarming celebration.

Within this elegant tray, discover an array of delightful snacks, including the zesty Achari Masti Flavored Makhana and the wholesome Healthy Ragi Chips. For those moments of indulgence, we’ve included both Chocolate Brown Balls and Chocolate White Balls Bottles, each a sweet delight to savor.

To bring a touch of nature inside, a lifelike Artificial Plant adds a fresh and vibrant charm to your new space. Elevate your mornings with a rich and aromatic brew of Rage Coffee, awakening your senses and infusing your day with energy and creativity.

Create an ambiance of serenity with 6 Rose Scented Candles, their gentle fragrance casting a soothing and enchanting spell.

‘Home Sweet Delights and Serenity Tray’ is a thoughtful housewarming gift, expressing warm wishes for your new beginning and the delightful moments you’ll create in your new home. It’s a tribute to your unique journey and a celebration of the joy of settling in.

This gift tray captures the essence of flavor, tranquility, and serenity, making your housewarming celebration truly special and memorable.


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