Elegance and Flavor for Your New Journey

Elegance and Flavor for Your New Journey

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Tray (1), Kher, Tea (2), 6 No Pondi (1), White Balls (1), Achari Masti Makhana (1), Himalayan Salt and Pepper Makhana (1), Healthy Ragi Chips (1), Rose (1), Rose Petal Cashew (1), Pancharatna Seeds (1)

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Celebrate their new home with our ‘Elegance and Flavor for Your New Journey’ gift tray, thoughtfully curated to bring sophistication, flavors, and warmth to this cherished moment in their housewarming celebration.

Within this stylish tray, you’ll find a delightful selection of Flavored Tea to awaken the senses and elevate tea-time experiences. Illuminate their new space with the colorful glow of 6 Pondi Colored Candles, casting a welcoming aura of light.

Indulge their sweet tooth with the White Chocolate Balls Bottle, a delightful treat that adds a touch of sweetness to their home. For savory snacking, we’ve included the zesty Achari Masti Flavored Makhana, the unique Himalayan Salt and Pepper Flavored Makhana, and the wholesome Healthy Ragi Chips.

The single artificial rose and the Rose Petal Cashew Bottle are a symbol of love and abundance, while the Pancharatna Healthy Seeds Bottle represents good health and well-being.

‘Elegance and Flavor for Your New Journey’ is a heartfelt housewarming gift, expressing your warmest wishes for this new chapter and the delightful moments they’ll create in their new home. It’s a tribute to their unique journey and a celebration of the joy of new beginnings.

This gift tray captures the essence of elegance and flavor, making their housewarming celebration truly special and memorable.


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