Artful Birthday Elegance

Artful Birthday Elegance

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Red Box Big (1), Kher, Jute Plant (1), Rose (2), Glass Sipper (1), Yankee Candle (1), Handmade Soap (1)

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Embrace the warmth of your new home with our ‘Charm of Copper and Delightful Moments Tray,’ a carefully curated collection designed to add elegance, flavor, and a touch of tranquility to your housewarming celebration.

Within this exquisite tray, you’ll find two Copper Cups, a symbol of timeless charm and sophistication, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages. For a healthy and flavorful snack, there are the Pancharatna Seeds and the Mango Flavored Almonds, a delightful combination that satisfies both body and soul.

Add a touch of nature with the lifelike Artificial Roses, a symbol of everlasting beauty and love. Illuminate your space with the soft glow of 6 Votive Scented Candles, their gentle fragrance casting a soothing and enchanting spell.

‘Charm of Copper and Delightful Moments Tray’ is a thoughtful housewarming gift, designed to convey warm wishes for your new beginning and the delightful moments you’ll create in your new home. It’s a tribute to your unique journey and a celebration of the joy of settling in.

This gift tray captures the essence of elegance, flavor, and tranquility, making your housewarming celebration truly special and memorable.


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